Winning PC(Chess)

Yoyo!!!! I tried 3 nights to win it.

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  1. kimsrun Says:

    This game is not yet fully developped. I won at the first time I tried it.

  2. kimsrun Says:

    Sorry, I was wrong. I thought that it is Khmer Chess (OUK) developped by khmer programmer. You won thai chess. This one is a very difficult one. You are smart to win this one.
    I am embarrassed to make such a mistake.

  3. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Oh, haha… if u did not give me a second comment, i would admire you hundred times… hehe
    Khmer and Thai chess playing role is the same, but Khmer Ouk post on internet is easy level…. I used to try it too.
    That thai chess is very difficult, i won it only once…

  4. kimsrun Says:

    There is a little different in the rule. First is that in Khmer Ouk we can move Neang 2 steps if front of it for the first move, but Thai chess has no such rule. The same with Khun. Khmer Ouk has special rule to allow Khun move as a Ses for its first move. Thai chess doesn’t.

    While Khmer ouk has counting rule at the end, Thai doesn’t. Anyway, I agree with you that Thai chess is very difficult. No I meant the programmer is smart -lol-

  5. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Oh, yes. It is different at the starting and finishing.
    All games r difficult or not depending on programming. Anyway it seem I understand some clues of Thai programmer thinking. I mean I could guess the way it walk and I could trick it. Now I won twice. 🙂

  6. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Oh, if u want to try I can send u by email… 🙂

  7. រចនា Says:

    Bro, I love this game. I’ve tried it more than a year ago but unfortunately until now, I cannot win this game!!! Give me some tips!!! Pls!!! This Chess game is Thai’s, isn’t it?

  8. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Bat, it is thai’s game.
    It was not all times, I won it when I concentrate well.
    To win this game i have my own way that:
    – we have to know over 3th step, it mean that when we run first step we have to think second and third step.
    -try to guess what it will run. ( it is not difficult because it is run by programming so it run the same.)

    * Cheat it, i mean that we exchange our important child to its unimportant child(it take over 3 step forward to think or we lose), but after exchange its important children are in our arm. we can eat it free…

  9. sombo Says:

    i am a person who like to play ouk but now i am looking for ouk program that can play in computer. can you help me?

  10. Vichet Says:

    I also the one who like to play chess. i hope someone can help me to share the programme to play chess. I appreciate if you could send me. here is my email address

  11. សុភ័ណ្ឌ Says:

    Hey there! How can i get this game?

  12. ចំណេះ Says:

    ខ្ញុំចង់បានល្បែងអុកខ្មែរ តើអ្នកអាចយកវាបានទេ?
    សូមជួយផ្ញើរអោយខ្ញុំផង​ សូមអរគុណ។

  13. Sombo Says:

    Hi All
    Can anyone help me? i need to download khmer chess game where can i do it?

  14. Sombo Says:

    ok khmerpoemboy
    Here is my email:

    Hope to see your khmer chess game not thai chess game

  15. Sombo Says:
    this website is khmer chess game but it need internet connection. i need the one that not require internet

  16. Vibol Says:

    Hi there ! has any body known that in Cambodian has a speacial chess book which our Khmer people made it for us to learn from? if any one has pls contact me by this mail. Best.

  17. Eng Born Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a free Internet Khmer Chess for free. If Anyone want it, just post your email address and I will send you a copy.
    Unfortunately, you can only play against another player and not computer. I wrote it with the purpose of using for world wide competition. It also records all the move and upload to your web site for people to view the game. Take a look at my site :

  18. phirun Says:

    can anyone send to me khmer chess? i like playing khmer chess but i don’t have the source file. this is my email:

  19. Sokunthea Says:

    I always win this game….it is more strategic than international chess.

  20. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Oh, how great you are! It is Thai chess.


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