Is it my BAD Day??

6th Saturday just started(12:00 at night) my stomach got burned because of eating some strange food. I went to bed, but I could not fall in sleep, it was hurt. An hour later I wanted to call to my friend then talk to forget pain but it was midnight..Hmm. I thought I could call to one of my friends who is rare sleeping early and he also away called me after 1:00. After talking for a while, I got sleepy. I hope that it would be ok after morning-sunshine. Un fortunately, after getting up, it was still hurt. I got some medicines, I was better after 3 hours later but sometime I felt hurt.

At 5:00 evening, I drove my motorbike forward to my part time job’s place. Normaly, to escape from traffic stop, I drove my bike under a building and get out to the right side of large street(Map). Unfortunately, a police asked me to stop when I got out of building with turning left signal. I thought that there may be some accident.

-Police: Do you know y i ask u to stop?

-Me: I dont know.

-Police: Because you are droving on a right side.

-Me: Oh, but m turing left.

-Police: No, you can not do it here.

-Me: y? M getting of building, and it is on right side, i have to drive on right side first.

-Police: No, you have to do it at traffic stop. Are you japanese?

-Me: yes, oh no, m not.

-Police: Let me c your licence. Ok, go with me to police station.

First, I thought that they just blam me and not allow me to do that again….

I met other 2 polices there, and the last one take metter to mesure the place i drove. I talk with new police normaly and smiled sometime to each other.

-new Police: where do u live? what r u doing ? study?…..

I replied many questions with smilling face to each other.

-last Police: He drove about 45m.

-new Police: Oh, you got 2 scores, you will be punished for 6000yens(about 50$)

I stoped smilling, turned face to other sides.

-new Police: What year r u studying?

-Me: 5.

-new Police: you r smart at japanese, how many year have u been in Japan?

-Me: 4 years.


-Me: (thinking) Not need to admire me,I heard it many times. Just write quickly and give me a receipt. I want to go early…


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11 ចំលើយ to “Is it my BAD Day??”

  1. kluv Says:

    too bad to hear both your illness and caught by police. sth i still cannot get the point y the polices caught u. you drove on the right side for 45m from where? you meant 45m from you get out of the building? if so, i somehow got it. i used to do like this too to avoid traffic light, but i just cross to the left not riding to the right side that long as u do. we should be more careful, jpn polices r strict.

  2. khmerpoemboy Says:

    from the building is about 20m, but they messured from the traffic stop. ( i meant that i drove only 20m, not 45m). from traffic stop to building may be 15-20m.

    we can not turn accross the street between 30m from the traffic stop. So I thought I had to drove on right side over 15m then turn left. But unfortunately, I was wrong on right side driving.
    Yep, we should be more careful…

  3. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Another one point, they dont allow me to drive like this near traffic stop. It is dangerous.(it is near traffic stop)

  4. kluv Says:

    is it the rule that we can not turn across the street between 30m from the traffic stop? cos i never know this.

  5. minahara Says:

    poor u guy!.
    even kluv don’t know that we have to turn by traffic stop??
    so now u lost 2 points from ur license poemboy??

  6. khmerpoemboy Says:

    Yep, 2 points…. ittai na………..

  7. kluv Says:

    thanks, so thats the rule. when it comes to this, i always hate the traffic police. thanks to them there is one koban right next to my univ.

  8. khmerpoemboy Says:

    haha… becaureful, i have one too near my dormitory. That i was catched easily….


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